This LS 2014 Elections ... will you, the voter, make a promise ?

“The AAP will make no promises to you. Instead it will ask you to make a promise. This time you will not cast your vote on the basis of kinship. You will forget caste; you will drive away the distributors of alcohol and money. AAP has not come to ask you for your vote. If there is anything we ask of you, it is to have faith in yourselves; and to listen to the voice of your soul. This election is not about the victory or defeat of political parties; it is about victory or defeat within ourselves. In front of the voting machine, we must think of the future of our children, the future of our city and our dreams for the future of our country.” Short link

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Acceleration of Police reforms is a more constructive approach.

If the Delhi government is to be held accountable for the law and order situation in Delhi and NCR, it should be provided control over the Delhi police. Else the Delhi Govt would be rendered toothless. It is logical that the CM should have control of the most important means of governance. Indeed, no system is better than those who run it. Republic Day is a good day to remember that lesson and build strong institutions instead of destroying them. Durga Shakti has done just that by one act of upholding the law and restoring faith in the institution of SDM. Good cause! + wrong method? = black day. Better to be patient, allow national support to fall in place first (LS team 400). Take care not to loose the gains made AAP.
The CM getting soaked by unseasonal rain may not quite be the solution. Mobs getting out of control could have adverse consequences. See Take a more constructive approach, which efforts should be accelerated.

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